Computer Aided Design & Calculation
 Of Technical Building Equipment

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About us.

Introducing our office

The Engineering Team C-Plan-HLS covers the crafts heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, cooling, plumbing and fire protection.  This includes "basic engineering" and "detailed engineering" (orders from architects or business representatives according to German HOAI - Payment rules for architecture and engineering) as well as shop engineering (factory drawings, order lists, ordering, site management)
Combining detailed engineering and shop coordination leads to  major knowledge advantages compared to our competitors who can only cover either one or the other.

This is an advantage for our customers too, as many problems are foreseen in time and thus can be avoided.

Our experience saves your money. Check it out !


Best design always starts with a schematic..

Useful design shall ease your work and take load from your shoulders. Therefore we start collecting basic data to draw the schematic principles.
Furthermore we think, our engineering should

- show in time the limits of material and money
- reveal in time interference and interfaces to civil crafts
- minimize investment costs as well as cost of use by smart  
  component choice and pipeline/ duct placement
- Lead you through Germany's rules jungle
- Save time by experienced advice and coordination

Where do you find us ?

You find our office for engineering and designing your plants and units  (HVAC, ventilation, heating, plumbing) in the beautiful city of "Marburg an der Lahn" in Hessen/ Germany.
Our projects are carried out in the near vicinity of Marburg as well as all over Germany (i.e. Frankfurt, Essen, Hamburg, Berlin) and  abroad (i.e. Afsin Elbistan -Turkey, Rihimäki - Finland, Fünen - Danmark).