Computer Aided Design & Calculation
 Of Technical Building Equipment

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We design within these crafts:

Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing, AC, Cooling

  • Heating with calculation of heating load (DIN EN 12831), heater sizing, pipe net calculation, ENEV energypass, distributor/ collector dimensioning, pipeline-coordination,
    steam plants incl. condensate-recycling,
    coordination with chimney sweep and gas supplier, component design (pumps, valves, regulating valves etc.), optimization of existing installations, coordination of repair or partial renewing on running systems
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning with room schedule (definition of air amounts acc. to DIN or acc. to need), duct calculation including pressure loss calculation, design of suitable devices and a/h units
  • Plumbing including sewage- and rainwater amount calculation, potable water calculation, pipe line calculation, design of sewage mains, coordination with German authorities of permittance, sanitary product advice (W.C., sinks etc.), advice on sanitary armatures and bathroom - accessories
  • Cooling with calculation of cooling load, cooling device design and sizing, pipe line calculation, distributor and collector sizing, pipe line coordination, cooling water systems, vaporizer, CFC-free refrigerants