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1. Plant and technical outfitting services

Planning service according to German "fee ordinance for architects and engineers" (HOAI). This includes respectively:

  • Planning step 1: Collection of fundamental data
    (sort out what to do - forming the task)
  • Planning step 2: Preliminary planning
    (Project- and planning preperation)
  • Planning step 3: Design documentation (DD)
    (System- and integration work)
  • Planning step 4: Authorization planning
    (sewage request, fire burning request, ventilation request...)
  • Planning step 5: Construction documentation (CD)
    (detailed engineering, determining of wall openings and slits )
  • Planning step 6: Awarding preparation phase
    (producing description of services)
  • Planning step 7: Contribution to Awarding
    (offer check, proposal for procurement)
  • Planning step 8: Construction supervision
    (supervision including final check, invoice control)
  • Planning step 9: Building companionship and documentation

Contractor in this field are usually private clients, architects, official urban or clerical authorities, towns etc.

- hospitals and laboratory buildings
- schools and campus buildings
- city halls, sport- and multifunctional buildings
- office buildings
- hotels and restaurants with cooking facilities
- industrial buildings, i.e. chemistry, power stations etc.