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2. Shop engineering

actual shop work design based upon base data. This includes:

  • Detailed engineering as needed based on given design drafts. Required when companies get orders without details, but with rare or unrealistic base data existing instead.
  • Lump sum determination of offers
    - Technical check of given design base and plans
    - Counting item amounts
    - price calculation and good advice for making offers
  • shop engineering
    - shop plan design
    - produce order lists
    - Organisation of sample show acts
    - Advice and training of assembling personell
    - Counterpart for contractor representing the company
  • Plant documentation
  • failings and lacks removal
    - find failings and lacks
    - producing to do list
    - advice on clarifying responsibility according to law and order

Contractors in the field of shop design are usually companies and firms with capacity shortage or if technical advice is required.

- hospitals and laboratory buildings
- city halls, sport- and multifunctional buildings
- office buildings
- hotels and restaurants with cooking facilities
- industrial buildings, i.e. chemistry, power stations etc.